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Redox signalling molecules are messenger molecules produced by the mitochondria in cells. This is how our cells talk to each other and read our DNA.

They are working within your body right now, detecting cell damage, weaknesses and dysfunction.

In proper balance, these molecules detect and correct cellular problems, protecting and rejuvenating our cells.

Redox signalling molecule balance is critical. As we age and our bodies face stress from lifestyle and environmental factors, the levels of redox signalling molecules produced by the body declines or becomes unbalanced.

As fewer cellular messages are sent, the body’s natural ability to detect and repair problems declines as well.

Do you want to improve your cellular health by balancing the body’s redox signalling molecules and restoring cellular communication to optimal levels?

Do you want to maximise your redox balance potential, to aid with...

  1. -Cellular detoxification and repair

  2. -Body weight maintenance

  3. -Cell growth regulation

  4. -Vital life energy

  5. -Fewer aches and pains

  6. -Youthful metabolism

  7. -Restorative sleep

  8. -Healthy hormone levels

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Bioresonance and neurostimulation therapies are not medical diagnoses - these therapies aim to rebalance the bio-energies of the body.

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