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Chronic Pain Therapies


Do you suffer from chronic illness or pain?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you want something that works?

Do you want to actually see and feel results?

Chronic Pain Therapies incorporates multiple modalities of energetic medicine, namely Physiokey, Scenar and bioresonance technologies, in addition to redox signalling technology (Renu28 and ASEA).

These innovative technologies are relatively new to Australia, which is why so many people haven’t heard of them.

Physiokey: Non-invasive Interactive Stimulation

Key therapy locates the treatment points to deliver targeted treatment for optimal pain relief.

This technology stimulates sensory nerves to induce a release of the body’s own powerful pain relief mechanisms.

100% drug-free pain relief technology.

Treatment is individualised.

The Physiokey is the next step in hand-held pain relief devices which have a history going back to the Russian SCENAR device.

Physiokey activates the natural defences of the body by stimulating acupuncture points and trigger points on the skin.

Facilitates functional restoration, increases blood flow, and improves communication in the body.

Physiokey: Effective Treatment Applications

The Physiokey provides fast and effective treatment applications for conditions that may include:

  1. -General pain (e.g. neuralgia, arthritis)

  2. -Spine and limb pain (e.g. in joints, from sciatica, back, hips, etc)

  3. -Head and neck pain (e.g. headaches, facial pain, TMJ, whiplash, etc)

  4. -Neuropathic pain (e.g. nerve injury, post surgical pain, peripheral neuropathy)

What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance came about as a result of years of research by scientists and bio-engineers around the world.

We use the latest non-invasive technology to scan the body without using radiation, x-rays or MRI’s. It’s safe and effective, and has no known side effects.

Bioresonance rebalances the body’s electrical impulse (energy) systems, allowing proper and healthy bio-energetic function of body cells, and in turn, body organs, body systems, and the body as a whole.

Scanning and treatment is individualised, and Bioresonance allows us to find the root cause of your health problems... not just a bandaid!

Bioresonance is NOT a medical diagnosis.  We evaluate the body as a whole organism and its energy systems. We scan and treat the person, not the disease!

More about Bioresonance...

What is “energetic medicine”?

There are two aspects to every cell - the physiological (the substances, elements, etc. that make up the cell - the parts that can be seen with a microscope), and the bio-energetic (which can’t be seen, but can be measured).  We focus on the bio-energetic aspect - the vibrating energy that makes cells/tissues/organs/organisms act the way they do.

This is not a theory, but proven scientific fact - bio-energy exists for every cell of every living thing.

When sick, injured or diseased, the energy of a cell vibrates at a different frequency from a healthy cell - it’s irregular, chaotic, and it means the cell can’t function properly.

But, harmonious vibration means proper function - that is, health. 

Health cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = healthy systems = healthy organism (that’s you!).

Physiokey, SCENAR and Bioresonance technologies have the capability to change the malfunctioning energies - so that the body can regain healthy functioning.  They do this by “tuning in” the electrical impulses (energies) to the correct frequency.

We work at a cellular level - the base - the root cause of problems.  And we aim to repair the damaged/irregular vibrational energies so that the cells can function properly and become healthy again!

What is SCENAR?

Scenar was developed for the Russian Space program and released to the world as a therapy in 2002. Scenar is a hand held pain relief device and also helps to restore function of the body.

As a nervous system regulator it has endless possibilities for application.

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Bioresonance and neurostimulation therapies are not medical diagnoses - these therapies aim to rebalance the bio-energies of the body.

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Cellular health from the outside in. 

Renu 28TM’s patented redox signalling technology has been shown to make visible differences in skin by making skin cells healthier.

This is a whole body skin therapy that works from the outside in to revitalise your skin’s health.

More than 11,000 scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that redox signalling is involved in supporting virtually every major body system and function.

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Devices available for hire and purchase.